Others Pedal Buying Guide

How to choose the other pedal


All the time is completely personal, such as choosing the right to choose the best ice cream flavor or color, guitar pedal you want to draw the living room, no one can tell you what you love. However, other effects of different types and able to learn a lot about what I do for you, before you buy a pedal that random, you can provide a solid overview of the basics. This guide provides buying Sweetwater insight in the wide world of effects pedal board leads focus on the guitar signal path.


Signal flow


Overall, the amplifier via another non-linear, which affect both joining the path is not good. It’s kind of effect put the pedal to the order of the critical effects. Although there is no one right way to raise the pedals, and the most common layout is as follows: stages of other gains → → → → → time FM amplifier. Let’s look at each part of this type of effects that belong there.


Winning the effect of starting

Where you can see the effect of a general improvement in achieving the launch of the gains it is based on the first part of the signal chain. Anger can be a light pedal with increased clean to get the effect of fluff crazy, this topic is a complete guide to buying a very deep and we focus on these effects. The important point to remember is that it forms the basis for the rest of this pedal tones. You can only create complex effects and harmonious tones, but if the gain on the basis of the principle of a long signal chain, you may get better results simply maintain. There are many types of lists gains Pedals: gain momentum, overdrive, distortion, compression and volume control.

Gaining momentum

Pedals made another batch to be clean, to strengthen the foundation in the preamplifier line designed specifically for guitar signal high resistance. They range from completely transparent light colors. There are two purposes to get a boost pedal. First, you have to pay the sweet spot with a click on FOOTSWITCH, you can use the amplifier signal hot outside and hit the saturation effect. Another common use to consolidate the gains that may need to be placed at the end of the pedal, which will more than compensate for the loss of signal using a wide range of cables effects pedals or chain extension in this case.

Including some pedal tones increase profits form options are limited, but most of the sound control function foot switch level. Earn generally push and find a mate and saturation effects.


Dimensions are a fair amount of overlap between the pick-up, and both cases can not push the pedal. Compression and deformation mimics the gradual pressure on the intensity, the amplifier as a starting point to distortions according to the amount of input pedal overdrive can ostensibly to simulate the separation was obtained. However, many of the pedals Overdrive (for example, classic, screaming Ibanez tube) is often used for amplifier sound amplifier to add bits of color and texture as well as the unit, a dirty campaign.

Size (beating influence) and signal path remaining inverter output size: There are two phases gains typical dimensions. It is not uncommon ways low, sharp, and other control on the pitch, but it is possible to see the tone control at least one, usually high frequencies to support.


T if put Chile, it will be different types of distortion pedal pepper. They are a wide range of styles, and each comes in a variety of flavor and warmth only, but they provide all the effects of the spice mixture. There are rare tube models to push the incoming signal at the point and trim diode normal distortion pedal and use some form of the transistor. It may be many variations of the transistor in the transfer of the nuances and characteristics of germanium, FET based on silicon for each specific set of distortion model. Distortion has lost almost every dynamic is obtained, and the effect of extreme fluff.

And introduced joint control volume control that can be found on the unit level distortion pedal (gain momentum), usually high-frequency roll control tone hard. It has also been combined with the effects of other treatments such as pressure and dimensions of the same regularity.


Type of signal processors, and other compressors are not much different from the compressor that can be found in the study. This is the limit, reducing loud signal that a certain threshold size, and dynamic range. If you select the soft sounds the same size as the largest compressor approach to efficiently and quickly kick and maintained the improved production significant impact is obtained during a solo career. On the other hand, if it is set to help kick after a while it allows the compressor to pass through the affected without transient reduction gains strong influence got perfect for large, these joints style game Pickin chicken. ”

Pedal pressure, attack, and release, the threshold varies depending on the ratio of the size and complexity of the controls in an atmosphere of sophisticated studio in a fixed compressor simple style door handle. Composed the most common configurations that may be present in the often two different functions, and at the same speed and the threshold of the door handle, two or three buttons, including bonds and adjust the monitor additional profit.

Adjust the volume

Rocker pedal basically put a big volume control on your feet, and more useful than the effect. Although one can be installed anywhere in the signal path, adjust the pedal size usually have a place to live until the end of the gain section of the stage. They are perfect for creating a smooth expansion creates an atmosphere with music or subtle fade, but you can if you want to provide an extra boost to your audio amplifier, and the effect of a decrease in the profit pedal enhance varying levels.

The effects of frequency

Filter something discussed in the inclusion of an equalizer in the frequency domain effect, Wah make pitch shifter similar effect. As a result, it negates the effect of profit on the basis of a filtration step, or sugar, or because they tend to add complexity to the number of harmonic sound followed by gains starting to happen.


When it comes to solving the problem into parts, or harmonic tone to coordinate the correct frequency, nothing does not do the trick, and pedal EQ. Modify or delay, echo and other effects, it is possible to use one of these at the end of the signal chain to compensate for the frequency of the defect but getting the department to prepare to maximize the EQ pedal to stick directly to most guitarists hueeul see. I like that before writing this is much harder to correct the imbalance in the more dangerous to throw different effects often can solve the problem tons.

Adapted frequency band graphic equalizer pedal EQ more than the other five and 10. Quickly to a particular place, in this case, it is easy to make immediately. Other forms of different control methods simple tone ranging from (a) the defect fixed and big punch to move the creative tone of both parametric design around the studio style frequency.

Wah Filter bags

To make the joints vocal style and all kind of effects pedals along the filter cleaning debugger echo throughout the frequency spectrum. This is the Wah can be cleaned manually incitement to filter its feet as soon as possible. As an element of rhythm, which is the basic sound of classical music and rock solos rock and blues as well as a continuous variable in the will of funk and disco, but wow. Control is generally the most only a few pedal control rocker adjustment, very simple, wow wahs significantly these circuits, and control mechanism on the basis of (the voltage of the light sensor).

He then put a short time (also called the envelope filter) autowah original pedal wah pedal. Caused by transient input peaking resonant filter (usually choose hitting the strings) and was originally autowah to varying frequency as the sound that can be obtained from Wah produces. However, a new set of frequency response speed automatic scanning of these effects opened pedal. Bag style dynamic response filter without adding a wide range, including control of the form of two or similar audio filter bag or the same behavior.

Detuner / harmony

Pitch shifter and pedals are in moments of classic harmony octave pedal, the phone comes complete code, or a variety of methods to be under the harmony chord pedal which allows less simulation model octave. However, it depends on the function of each pedal control, and an animal one. If you want to think outside the box to create a unique sound tone, you could have changed the tone and harmony processor and a lot of fun.

Although the change in tone with manufacturers to penetrate one effective technology turned the pitch into thinking tone pedal is that there are two things you should know. Can be creative and wonderful effect, but first, none of this pedal does not seem realistic in particular, more and what comes to selling, which leads to sound less realistic change. Changing low tone, the second difficulty, playing pitch note, you can track and end up with delays or major defects. If you need to play and choose to add the homogeneity of the above or add homogeneity under high play, the latter is almost always a better option.

The effects of the transgene

While it affects the beginning of the stage pedal adjustment gains, a combination of frequency and time, which is somewhere between the frequency and more pronounced than the impact of the effects of time-based tend to live in a special place in your pedalboard. The term “embedding” a very effective way on the basis of change in something over time. In the case of modification of the pedal, change the LFO signal is subject to the control and influence by the low frequency oscillator (LFO) knows the greatest feature of this pedal grade.

Vibration and vibration

Each is based on the effect of vibration vibrato on the LFO to increase simple adjust anything with half a ton of ingredients. In contrast to the pitch in a similar way Leslie speaker roundabout vibrato pedal regulates the size of vibration pedal (classic hangover effect tilt). In any case, it includes the basic ratio of depth control (rate effects) (degree of change in the amplitude or pitch).

Most of this is that the pedal can be formed, LFO, as well as providing a wide range of pulse soft, square wave difficult additional shock over the sounds normal pedal vibration. To mimic closely with Leslie speakers pedal vibrato usually include (often only two amendments) to raise the speed of the transition between the speed of the changes, and changes (ramp-up) control to add time.

The chorus flanger

The chorus flanger is similar enough to confuse only frequent, but also often apply the same pedal. Flanging There are two types of tape rollers simulates the old studio trick of inconsistency involved and chorus means that the results of the first attempts to mimic flanging produce slightly different results. The biggest difference is the same effect, while the chorus is a wonderful further delay swimeoeul wide, Flanging download and upload various audio playback.

Champlin comb filter movable (more than a few fractions of a second), and sometimes through the input signal without delay delay signal modulation to move the filtered gently twice, and the ratio was shown to (low frequency and a number of peaks) new production delayed signal fermented. The piston includes a perfect control rate adjustment of positive feedback and depth.

The effect of the chorus and delay significantly (or very small), which contains only the signal reaction modification delayed the plunger. They tend to be a wide range of depth and speed. They can include additional controls move the tone control to cut off the delayed signal and lighting before the delay. The result is that you are the most obvious delay, can generate significantly more pronounced chorus effect flanger.

Beger / phase shifter

During the call spectrum uses a phase shift of frequency generation of first-class and even with the peak spacing exciting way. LFO-like lip caused the invasion gradually, but some subtle modification phase shift cut signal frequency. This is the effect of love to add color to the guitar rhythm. Phaser classic, but usually only one control speed, with some modern pagers depth control, which can increase the amount of filter resonance to create a much more pronounced effect on the eyes.

The effects of time

The effects of time deep tissue environment infinitely delicate and broad-based can be found throughout the pedaleras of contemporary music. It extends an artificial clear and incredibly realistic. Each pedal flavor depends on the time and the problem of distortion effect or delay or hesitation surf the perfect pedal guitar effects can be a little one wants to be in a common feature of metal.


In its simplest form, the delay has an impact on the measurement of the original incoming signals and accordingly after a certain period of time (or number of times) over and over again. And the balance of receiving a number of repetitions (feedback) from the basic time delay pedal delay and delay signal control signal. More importantly, the effect of the delay is common in short notice slap to re-use in the long delay favored by the main player guitarist for browsing and blues rockabilly rock, all kinds of contemporary music. Many players do not take into account the full pedal and without delay.

Generally delayed on the basis of the type of algorithm used to create a circle or a digital effect. Delay off several times to create the initial impact of the analog pedal tape delay or different characteristics of the harmonic attenuation uses a series of two ring cube fire chip. Later, digital modulation and delta adjustment and delay the development of a unique type of PCM audio delay continues to offer unique features of the beloved guitar. Today, the delay pedal is the delay lines (faucets) often features allow you to create an impressive array of styles and the effects of different delay.

Frequency (frequency)

The goal of any echo – whether you are using the keyboard, sound effects in the studio or on stage, no matter – is to create a sense of space around the sound. Some of these effects is another large area to simulate the sound simulates the real space of traditional analog, such as echo and other synthetic pure as spring plate (raised and music). Resonance frequency compared to the other because every matter of personal preference is almost impossible.

Depending on the options embedded, frequency pedal can control one level, anywhere in the large amount of digital settings so you can develop the perfect tone frequency. It includes the most common control cavities that can be found (echo effect fading speed) and the level or way to adjust the balance of the wet / dry echo someone listening. High-end domesticate even joint control to some extent.

Other effects pedal

No competitor amplifier, modeling tools, Bear, and other typical is the order of the table pedal a little bit of other pedals, including multiple effects pedals, etc.

Amp simulation

It lies somewhere between the distortion pedal Osag A- simulate the specific characteristics of a particular style of guitar amps model. The speakers are a lot of it many of them, such as simulating pedal amplifier, and each will offer a wide range of distortion units crazy, from the subtle warmth of tone. These speakers without neutral, very cool, especially if the amplifier in the solid state or the use of direct recording. Linkable pedal amplifier emulation toward the back of the lid or pedal depending on whether or not to use such as distortion simulation or amplifier.

Modeling Tools

Want to turn into the middle of the guitar song? What about turning the other institutions? You can completely transform the sound and there are some serious fun modeling tools pedals there. What is more, it seems that the pedal to get more popular every year, so there is always something new to explore.


Over the past 10 years, and the pedals and Bear are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is very simple: Do you start recording when you press the pedal, and when you step back again, and repeat endlessly, just to play. This multi-part, timing and other great features, but if peoyi more complex than even the basic Bear can be a wonderful composer and practical tools. What is more, there are many great ways to create a special rhythm of the background and effects during the use of the shuttle stage.

Ring executioner

It should not be confused with the shuttle (and technically not effective at all), a loop switch is an essential part of the advanced floor slab construction. The device can be configured to ring independent effects, and the power switch can be set up in a variety of configurations. One of the biggest rewards of using a loop switch involved by leaving both pedals by pressing one foot seuwichieul is that you can participate in all of them. You can make the change through the song, including the speaker switching sound with a great effect on the tone immediately. If you look at the best players pedaleras guitar there, and there is a good chance you can find the key to a powerful ring there.

Multi-pedal effects

All these other pedal chose one of the great pedal, are getting multiple effects of modern pedal feature. Some of the pedals as well as physical modeling can cover all the bases, as well as very good depth of drilling, and adjust your effects pedals, as an individual. If you play on the computer group or cult versions, multiple effects pedal, you can save a lot of money and a lot of problems for you. They offer the same freedom and the quality of existing pedals, but you do not have a full pedal board as a unit in one of the pedals can be as small as a strong hand.

Advanced Concepts

It will help you to make a decision to buy pedals, some additional concepts. There is a very deep subject, so quick glance does not cover everything, is a good place to start.

Mono stereo in front

Some will run pedals include mono or stereo effects – especially this type of time-based option. Take advantage of the operation can take full advantage of stereo depth and dimension of spatial effects such as echo and table tennis delay pedal down side room is that if you are running a log or two speakers, a stereo that is not the best. What is more, and the sounds of stereo effects can come with some unpleasant issues may get lost in the mix. The time has come to work a little, but stereo gaming, with amazing effect.

Buffer overrun exceeded true

And Tweaky is the subject of endless debate between the players guitar. The simple answer is that the true bypass and bypass road is stored is inherently better than the other. A pedal contract signal path free dye generated and added by the department of the outer surface when not in use, cutting real pedal bypass circuit in a complete signal path. However, the large amount of wiring and other pedal is still added, and correspond with a few feet of the real alternative to many of the line bypass pedals lead others.

But it can affect the buffer zone on the bypass pedal tone, flying high retention and improved signal attenuation due to a small amount of amplification available tend extension cord. If you run a pair of pedals in a small street, bypass true, but it may be better for you, if you have the packaging board pedal can provide a buffer zone and then the whole accent a lot of time Derivation.

Battery against CA

Each AC power source strong current myth that can destroy the sound. Power is getting worse about that could affect the pedal, and the battery will not solve this problem, the bad power is a big problem for guitar amps compared to the floor slab. Power supply from the part of a large pedal-powered noise-related, fights, but you’re the best thing you can do your other team to get a decent air power to run through the pedals and amps. In this way, you can get a clean sound, do not die when the middle pedal of the show has to worry about Juggling 9 volt battery.